Thursday, March 05, 2015

99 Cent Only Store Trip 3/5

So after my rant post yesterday on how I love dollar stores, I decided I needed to take a trip to my local 99! I hadn't shopped in a while and my pantry was begging for some good finds, lol. So here is my photo-packed-post of everything I found this week at my local 99 Cent Only Store. If you saw me with my pink phone, strollin' around the store, my apologies for blocking any aisles and going back and forth... and back again! LOL, I wanted to be thorough :)

Here are the things I brought home:

Everything pictured above was $1.00 or less! Here is the full shopping list:

Simply Asia noodle soup bowl
Rosarita season beef crumbles
Jack links original crinkle cut pepperoni jerky
Chex oatmeal gluten-free
Dinner mix chicken rice
Poore Brothers potato chips
Roasted seaweed teriyaki flavor
Old El Paso cheesy nacho bowl
Zico premium coconut water
Cap'n Crunch cereal cinnamon roll
Kelloggs Super Mario fruit snacks
Libby's sweetcorn pouch
Guerrero white corn tortillas
Aluminum foil
Freezer storage bags, gallon
Bean sprouts
Orange bell peppers
Delmonte caramel apple and pear fruit cups
Aloe drink, kiwi strawberry
Pepsi 2 L bottle
Nasal-ease allergy relief
Kraft Velveeta cheese
Soft soap liquid refill
Woeber's yellow mustard
Zulka pure cane sugar ($.79 each)
PiƱata, pull ribbon, DIY

Total = $50.79

And here are all the things I left behind, lol!