Friday, December 12, 2014

Hershey's, ZhuZhu Pets and more

My hubby thinks I am totally addicted to this store... well he may be right... but in my defense, you have to go often to get a good deal, hehe. There are days that I leave nearly empty handed, and I do put a limit on my spending here (I try to keep it around $30). Why? It keeps me from buying junk! You know what I mean? It's a special kind of shopping blindness. You start seeing deals everywhere because everything is $1, but in actuality paying $1 for a $0.24 can of corn isn't that smart. Especially of you buy in bulk... live and learn... and always know your competitor prices. It'll save you and your wallet :)

So here are my finds today, and boy were they awesome! Look at these Zhu Zhu pets for $1.99! And there's a stack of them still there. Get'em while they're hot because I don't think they'll last. What a great small gift for the kiddos.

Plus chocolate to boot! I grabbed some of that Hershey's peppermint bark and it's to die for!  They had several varieties and as you can see they're usually $3.48 - $7.99 at Walmart.

Peace tea... Has anyone tried this yet? My guy loves tea so I thought I'd let him be the guinea pig, haha. Looks yummy and 64oz for $.99 is a great price.

Now for the break down of the shopping:

Everything for over $1.00
Hershey's Peppermint bark $1.99

Everything for $.99
Sandwich Bags
Freezer Bags
Bounty Paper Towels
Progresso Soup - Cream of Mushroom
Peace Tea x2
Idaho Box Potatoes x2
Cap'n Crunch Bars x2
Poore Bros Chips
Nescafe instant coffee x2
Kleenex x2
Knoor stock
Philadelphia cream cheese 2 pack
Green Giant veggies - frozen x2
Aloe Drink x2
Condensed Creamer x2

Everything $0.50
Lays Stax x4
Beef Sticks x4

Total = $29.00 + tax  and still under $30, lol.