Sunday, January 11, 2015

Diy: Travel Mug Hack

I love walking thru Target; I always seem to get crafty and creative after perusing all the art, decor and gift items. Like this one: Target introduced a fun theme section with Marvel products just before Christmas (great marketing, T! lol). I have to say, a lot of the items seemed really cool... the prices, well, Target prices, haha.

Who wants to pay $5.99 for a plastic travel mug?? I loved the inspiration. (My hubby could use one for work!) But I think the price was pushing me more to DIY than anything, lol. I knew I could hack that...

This was so simple and I was able to use scraps and a travel mug I had on hand. If you don't have one already, they sell these mugs at (you guess it!) the 99 cent Only store. Just make sure it has a screw on insert :)

Here's the DIY, but it's so simple, it's almost self explanatory.....

1. Grab a mug with a screw-on top. It will probably say "double walled" mug on the label. This should come apart easily enough - I tested mine in the store. If yours doesn't it may be glued and won't work for this project. Carefully pull apart the pieces and keep the paper insert. You'll want to use it as your template.

2. Smooth and flatten out your paper insert so you can use it to trace a template. The edge of a table or book is good for this.

3. Choose a paper you want to wrap your mug with. I had some scraps of wrapping paper, but any paper will do. Old posters, scrapbook paper, magazine inserts, birthday cards, etc. - anything you like the look of. I've even scanned the paper insert to my computer and created my own design. Custom monogram mugs are super hot right now! *If you're using your home computer, try printing on card-stock. Basic printer paper can be too thin and shows thru. Live and learn, lol.

4. Next trace around your insert. I suggest leaving a little extra around one side. This lets the paper overlap in the mug and fully cover.

5. Cut out your paper and wrap it around the inner sleeve. Insert into outer sleeve and screw it all back together. That's it!

Note: You'll want to hand wash this mug and even remove the paper each time you wash. The seal is less than water tight. But, if you get it wet, you know how to replace it! Enjoy :)

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