Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What I'm Buying This Week 7/26 - 8/1

I usually call this my "Top Deals of the Week", but I'm changing the way I do a few things here at Janie Girl. I'm at the point where I realization not every "deal" is a good thing - I know, jaw drop! Saving 90% is fantastic, but if those savings are on items I won't use or my family won't eat, it's a waste.

Over the last year I have focused more on my family's needs, then deals. Approaching deals this way has been more personal, more beneficial and more local. Instead of running around trying to find EVERY DEAL available, I'm focused on quality and need. I hope you continue to follow along and get some great tips and deals your family can use and love.

Ok, so here is my shopping list for the week. I will update it over the week if/when new deals become available, so check back.

Here are some tips you might find helpful:
  • If you go to Walmart, don't forget to submit your receipt to Walmart's Savings Catcher afterward. If I missed anything, or if there is a sale at a store I didn't list, this will be your safety net!
  • To take this list with you, try the share buttons at the bottom of the post, click email, print or save. It's even customizable with just a few clicks! 
  • If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here on the blog or on the Facebook page. Also, check out the Deals 101 page which has a full list of my abbreviations.
  • Download Fry's $3 off of $50 digital coupon for extra savings. 
  • Get extra digital coupons from Fry's with these Sizzlin' Daily Deals.

Food City:

Tomatoes, roma 3lbs/$0.99 (Wed. Only)
Rice, white 3lbs/$0.99 (Wed. Only)
Pineapple 3lbs/$0.99 (Wed. Only)
Potato, red 3lbs/$0.99 (Wed. Only)
Bananas 3lbs/$0.99 (Fri-Sun)Carrots 3lbs/$0.99 
Onions, brown 3lbs/$0.99
Apples, red delicious 3lbs/$0.99

Pork chops, bone-in, value pack $0.97 lb
Beef, ground $1.97 lb (Thurs Only)
Beef, chuck steak $2.97lb (Fri-Sun)

Churros 2/$0.99 (Wed. Only)


Grapes, red seedless $0.77 lb

Eggs, large, 1 dozen $0.69